Shepherd's News - Advent II December 8, 2019 issue

NOTE - OFFICE CLOSED: The church office will be closed  December 9.

Our Life and Ministry Together...

QUILT SALE: The quilt sale will be held in the lounge TODAY, following the 10:00 am worship service.
Come and see the beautiful handiwork our hardworking quilters have been busy with, and do some early Christmas Shopping at the same time!

THANK YOU: Thank you to EVERYONE who came out yesterday and helped decorate the worship space and church for the Christmas holidays.

NEW PHONE SYSTEM IN THE OFFICE: The office is in the process of receiving a new phone system. The current one is not workable as we are not able to change messages (someone took the manual home and never returned it), nor retrieve messages while not in the office.
The Internet component was installed this past Friday (December 6), and the phones themselves will arrive this coming week. There will be some training involved for the staff so if we drop a call, please have patience with us until we learn all the new things we need to learn
There will be several benefits to this new system for the congregation. The most noticeable for parishioners is the ability to listen to messages left on the answering machine while away from the office itself. This means that we can respond quicker to messages left for the office or the pastor.

SILENCE IN WORSHIP: Silence is a gift that can enrich the life of a worshipping com- munity. Silence deepens the experience of the words, music, and actions of worship. In addition, silence is very much part of worship in the Lutheran liturgy. In the Hymn Book you specifically find silence in three points in the Worship service; the Confes- sion, after the sermon, and before the Prayer of the Day.
At Good Shepherd you are used to it at the Confession, before the Prayer of the Day, and in the Prayers of Intercessions. During the Season of Advent we will introduce si- lence after the SERMON.
Take a moment after the sermon and reflect on what you have heard, and perhaps fo- cus on the ONE THING that you wish to take away from the sermon.

ORGANIST UPDATE: During our regular organist, Catherine Case, recovery from her leg break we are blessed to have supply organist share their gift of music with us. Throughout the Sundays in the month of December, and both services on Christmas Eve, we are grateful for the presence of Mr. James Farrow among us as our supply organist.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: In the tradition of Good Shepherd since 1952, one Christmas Card may be sent to the church for ALL you church family to see! The money you save on cards & postage can be donated to your favorite Good Shepherd fund.
We will display the cards for everyone to enjoy!

STAFF GIFTS: If you would like to donate toward a Christmas Gift for our staff, please place your contributions in an envelope marked “staff Christmas Gift” and place it in the offering plate, OR mail it into the office if you are unable to be at worship. 
Thank You!

MOBILE FOOD PANTRY: A mobile food pantry is coming to the Good Shepherd parking lot, beginning Dec.11 at 5:00 pm. Clients will be able to not even leave their cars and receive already bagged groceries for their family.
The mobile food pantry will be held on the 2nd Wed. of every month.
Be sure to spread the word.
See Linda Pressley or Jim Deighton (the “bread man”) for more info or questions

LUNCH BUNCH: (women in Fun, Food and Fellowship) are at it again!!
Meet at 1:00 pm
Dec. 12th - The Master’s 13 mile rd and Dequindre in Madison Hts.
If you want to be part of this fun, food, and fellowship, please contact Joan Shemansky ahead of time  so she can make reservations.

WELCOME INN: Once again our congregation is going to "do" the Christmas Day dinner at the Welcome Inn, We will be needing a lot of support so that nobody needs to do it all. Please mark your calendars, sign up sheets on the porch.

SOUP SUPPER AT GOOD SHEPHERD: December 18th is Good Shepherd’s turn to host the joint Wednesday Advent service. Our guests will include parishioners from Trinity/Clawson and Prince of Glory/ Madison Hts along with guests from the community and our friends at Good Shepherd.
In order to properly host this we need your help in making/bringing items to share. We are in need of the following;
  Soups
  Salad and/or Desserts.
Sign up sheets are now up — Please be sure to sign up to help out!

Jack Kempton
Pr. Mike’s Father Martin Walters
Ron & Betty Bechill, Conrad Bock, Sherry Buczek, Bradley Caldwell, Barb Carillo, Cathy Case,
Craig Cichowlas, Bob Chism, Brandon Cross, Jim Danaher, Lois Durnil, Sharon Feigley,
Dr. Allen Kash, Jack Kempton, Karrie Kochevar, John & Tracy Kripli, Jeff, Maureen, Katie,
Krissy, Steve Kukla, Lois Lampe, Dawn Leatz-Burke, Dana Lester, Scott McClue, Cathy Merak,
Robert Meyer, Claude Miller, Carol Murray, Jan Murray, Cindy Roeske, Annette Ryan, George Ryan,
Jerry Tallman, Paul Wieske, Kristen White, Megan Keller Young, Tonya Young